Exercise. Ex-cer-cise. Ex-ar-cise. Eggs-are-sides…for veggies! Veggies! (And coconut bacon)

So I found out that I am taking this Smart Start Program to the umpteenth level – I am going full force Whole30 (as a vegetarian, sticking to the no legumes/quinoa rule) and that is not required of me (proof in point: I was handed a box of Perfect Bars as part of the program as OK to eat as a snack. The first ingredient is peanut butter.)

But I enjoying being strict, paying attention to every bite I put in my mouth for the first few weeks. I am seeing habits and patterns that I have noticed, but never fully acknowledged contemplated or dealt with. For example, I never realized how much I snack off the baby’s food. If she doesn’t finish something, I just stick it in my mouth, mostly to free up my hands which are always full with her or things for her, but all that unconscious eating is surely adding up. So despite the loosening of the reins, I will continue to gallop forward chomping at the bit until I feel like I have mastered some control and consciousness. Besides the whole point I began this program was for me to reconnect with my good old friend Will Power to help me relight that self-control pilot light I have let flicker out over the years.

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