Pour some non-refined whole food sugar on me: Gluten-free almond cake french toast encrusted with coconut milk and granola

Even if you instill good habits and encourage healthy taste buds in your little one, they go out into the world and discover it is full of refined sugar and chemicals that want to trick us into thinking that we want more and that they taste good. When I asked my two year old what she did yesterday when came home from daycare, she said “I ate cake.” There was a birthday party at daycare and the day was full of sweets loaded with refined sugars. As she was falling asleep, I asked her what she wanted to eat over the weekend and of course she responded “cake.” So I decided to honor her wishes and make her a cake. For breakfast. My way. No gluten, no milk proteins, no refined sugars.


Then I decided to take it to the next level – soak it in a spiced coconut milk, dip it in granola and fry it into a french toast. O.M.G.                 IMAG6034    IMAG6042

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