Nourishment for life

This is about food. And health. Me. And vegetarian recipes.

I’ve always been attracted to food. For good and bad.

I come alive when I can make food. For myself. For my family. For friends. For those in need.

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2015 is the year I found myself. How? Through food, of course. The empty plate is my canvas. I restricted myself and through that limitation unleashed creativity that was dormant inside me. I learned how to stretch while being confined in a box. I created a new reality for myself in life beyond food and that has continued into 2016. But it was food that led me there.


This is about me and my journey. Understanding myself. Finding my way. My voice. My passion in life. Through food.

And vegetarian recipes. Vegetarian plant based whole food recipes.

Does this mean this is 100% vegan? No. Some recipes are vegan, some include vegan substitutes, but you will come across eggs and ghee every so often.


These are plant “based” recipes – focused on whole ingredients with no use of refined flours and sugars and limited, if any, use of grains and legumes. They are full of protein and goodness to keep you healthy and satisfied.

I love food. But I also love my health. For those of you that know, this was born out of my quest to create food I want to eat as a vegetarian completing the Whole30 without cheating and using grain and legume substitutes.

I may not have the prettiest pictures or the perfect posts. Often I am rushing to take pictures and compete a post. This is a hobby and a passion, and right now life affords me little time to dedicate myself to it.  But the recipes are tasty, satisfying, healthy and composed of whole foods. The results in taste will speak for themselves.


Read. Cook. Share. Adapt and make it your own.

Eat with those you love. Nourish the most important soul in your life – you.


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